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To Grow, you must change!

We are human, we like stability. Our bodies and minds strive for routine and the same. Any changes to that and we disrupt our calmness and a stress response takes over. How does that make you feel normally? Some people love change. They live for the feeling of excitement of something new and different. Some people freak out and can’t stand the feeling of uneasiness. Many people avoid making any changes or doing something different because of this feeling. For those of you that enjoy mixing things up, making changes may come easy for you, for those of you that hate it- how do you overcome this?

These situations I described above can be applied to many aspects of your life. Tired of your low paying, un-motivating job but too afraid to try something different or go after that dream job? Stuck in a bad relationship, but afraid to venture out on your own to the unknown? - Will I be single forever? Will I ever meet someone that I can be happy with? Or is it just easier to stay with old familiar because it’s comfortable or “good enough”. Unhappy with your life and the bad things that happen to you, but continue living some of the same negativity that attracts these unhappy things? Want to be in better shape and eat better only to find yourself falling back to the same old habits and seeing no change?

All of these examples may be either familiar to you yourself or you know someone that fits one of these categories. It’s second nature to be creatures of habit but the important thing to remember here is that unless you want to continue these things, you must CHANGE something to help get you to where you want to be. You cannot expect results from something you continue to do the same way. You must take risks sometimes and venture into the unknown- it can be SCARY! – but, you may find something incredible waiting for you if you do! All of my achievements in life were due to me changing something- doing something different or jumping blindly into something new. I can be impulsive sometimes and am one who somewhat enjoys stirring up change every once in awhile and have mixed feelings about routines. There are some things I like to do the same but there are definitely those impulsive times where I love change and trying something new or different- it excites me! And I would say it excites me because I don’t always know the outcome but I am willing to give it a shot for optimism that it will be great and wonderful! I also am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason- and you must find that reason! This can be tough in bad situations but I have always come to some conclusion from these events on how it has helped me be who I am today because of it.

So next time you are unhappy with the way something is playing out in your life or how you cannot reach certain goals- step back, take a deep breath, and change something to help you better get to where you need to be! Be bold and take charge of your life! That uneasiness and anxious feeling you have will dissipate and what lies on the other side of that feeling could be magical! But you won’t know unless you go there! People that want to start a new eating plan or exercise plan may quit because they do not like the uncomfortable feeling of being hungry sometimes or exerting themselves too much while exercising- but pushing past those feelings brings the changes they want- and most people don’t get there because they are not willing to tough it out for a little bit. You can’t control those cravings and learn to say no- don’t be mad when you don’t see the results you were wanting. It’s harsh but so true!! I don’t want to sugar coat it- you want change, whether in your everyday life or in your body- you HAVE to change your habits to get there….. Cause if you didn’t need to change anything you are doing now- you would be where you want to be!

You must change something to expect change....


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