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Take time for you!!

Make time to enjoy life and do something that makes you feel great!

Fox River Trail Elgin, IL 90 Bridge

What another great day to get out and ride! The sun stayed around longer than expected today☀️ - only thing was that north wind was tough during the first half- but got a little extra help on the way back! Some would say that wasting 3 hours riding my bike is crazy, or exercise obsessive- to me, it’s MY time! Of course this was great physical activity- but there’s a difference. Trust me when i say i can hardly stay on a treadmill indoors for more than 15 mins without wanting to poke my eyes out but there’s a difference with being outside. Some do yoga, meditation, or simply don’t carve out any time for themselves - a time where you can just escape and let your mind wander.. away from social media and our phones.. That time for me is while riding.... I’ve done some of my best thinking while riding, come up with some great ideas while riding, and even after riding over 3 hrs today and my body feels a little sore- I feel refreshed inside! As adults we never take as much time as we should to “play” or have fun- and why not?! Yes we have more responsibilities but that doesn’t mean we cannot get out and enjoy life anymore- and not feel like it’s a selfish act to commit. I enjoy listening to music while I ride- I grew up listening to music a lot- sometimes more than half the day would be listening to music all day, waiting for that song to come on the radio to add to your mix tape (those of you under the age of 30, you have truly missed out on that great experience😂) and I didn’t hardly have a care in the world. I listened to over 3 hrs of music while riding today and it was great and makes me happy! So soon, do yourself a favor and enjoy doing something that makes you feel good and refreshed and away from technology and the stressors of life- you will be so glad you did and ready to take on everyday life!

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