• Cheryl

Summer's comin'!!!!

March 12th- May 4th

The weather is finally better and I finally feel the black cloud of winter has left... We hope! Spring is here which means summer is next!!! May and June and actually by ultimate favorite months! I think it is just the days are getting longer, the birds are happy and singing, we can start opening the windows and get fresh air in the house- it's just my happiest weather time!! :) I started cutting this spring getting ready for summer and this year I have been playing around with different things. I don't by any means have many "pounds" to lose but would like to tighten things up which is my goal. I have taken it nice and slow (which my body does not work at any other speed when it comes to cutting- and it is good to try to pace yourself to keep as much muscle as possible. Rapid weight loss usually rebounds anyway because it is not sustainable in the long run. I was finally able to take progress pics this morning after a horrible hormone week( you feel me girls...) and decided to compare since we always are hard on ourselves and are our worst critic sometimes when it comes to seeing progress on ourself. Top pic is day one of cutting, bottom is this morning- average weekly weight is down 2 lbs only- YES ONLY TWO STINKING POUNDS!!! BUT-.... look at the different when you put the two pics together, my measurements have gone down and my clothes are fitting looser, abs are getting tighter, everything I was wanting so far from this cut... but that damn scale tries to F**k with our minds everyday. So after putting this all together I can now calm down and go about my life and continue doing what I have been doing and all is good LOL If you are feelings stuck- take progress pics weekly, track measurements, think about how you feel- there are so many other ways to gage progress besides your weight. I look at pics from several years ago at this same weight and I have a lot more muscle that I did back then! It can get to even the best of us yes, I get it and still go through it occasionally - but who the hell cares what you weigh if other factors are improving- JUST KEEP GOING!!! Consistency, I cannot say this word enough...the way I felt earlier in the week or several weeks ago when I had a few bad days, I could have thrown in the towel and said F**k it... but would that have gotten me closer to my goal...NOPE.... but sticking to it IS working... You had a bad day, didn't track for a few days, who cares- start fresh-NOW!!!

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