8 week program!

Beginner? Just starting your fitness journey? Ready to start making some changes and need a place to start? This program is made especially for you!! 

I decided to put together a beginner 8 week program for you that gives you all the information and guidance you will need to get started! This is similar to my one on one coaching but is a more structured program to follow for beginners. 

~Whats included:

          *Macros/calorie amount specifically for you- I will be teaching you how to follow a IIFYM (If it fits your macro) style of eating. Nothing is off limits- just learning how to eat in moderation and within your allotted amount for the day.


          *Workouts- this will include strength training workouts and a small amount of cardio (you don't need as much cardio as you think!). Recommend you plan for 3-4 workouts a week.

          *Tons of resources such as how to track food (especially if you have never done this before), nutritional info, weekly food and healthy lifestyle motivation info.

          *Weekly check in's with me and access to message me anytime with questions or just some extra motivation!!

Again, if you are a beginner and need to start somewhere- this program is for you!!!!! I love teaching this and want you to succeed!!!  If you have any questions, you can contact me through this page. If you are ready, you can sign up now and I will send you a questionnaire to fill out to get started!