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        Where to begin….. For as long as I can remember, losing weight and trying to be “skinny” was a goal of mine. For those of you that know me now, you may never guess I would be saying that but it is very true. I grew up eating fast food as a regular meal, candy bars and cookies as treats, and loads of un-nutritional foods as my main source of fuel. I was somewhat active growing up and frequently rode my bike around my neighborhood and to my friend’s house (which go figure I picked up biking again) but was not heavily into any sports or other activities through school. My weight started creeping up and by third grade I remember being “fat”......


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       My purpose of this site is to share my love and passion of fitness, nutrition, weightlifting, and exercise along with having the mental growth as well and to feel great about what you are doing for yourself. I do have a medical background being a nurse which I love doing but I thought "why not also educate and share my knowledge of fitness which I live, breathe, and love as well".  I want to change people's attitudes from "I can't " to "I can". I wasn't blessed with special fitness powers, I am an average person who gets to make the same choices others can make as well. I myself have had those "I can't" feelings.  If you want to make a change and are ready to realize your true potential, I want to be there for you and show you how YOU can be empowered to be what you want to be! This is no quick fix though- no fad diets, no special shakes to drink, no skin wraps to lose inches quick- this is real life changes you can make and sustain.  Instead of investing time and energy into quick fixes that you slowly get burned out on and have you ending up right where you started, why not invest that time and energy into something you can sustain for the rest of your life and continue to build and grow on down the line.